Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

It is suggested that only 8% of gym goers have a coach and yet 97% of those that do, achieve their goals faster and with fewer injuries. If you are serious about your health and fitness goals, a coach will provide you with the education and direction to help you get there.

Our approach

Whether you're training for weight loss, strength or general fitness improvement, our highly qualified team take a holistic approach to help you achieve your goals.

Optimal health is about how your body and mind performs everyday, not just how it looks. That's why we work with every one of our clients using a science-based, holistic approach. 

When you partner with us, we start with goal setting so that our team can ensure they provide the motivation and accountability to see you realise these goals. 

Our tailored, individual programs are science-backed and based on individual movement patterns. We concentrate on your movement quality before intensity and loading, to limit the risk of injury.

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